Seven Interesting Foods For Ramadan/ Bookish Refreshment

As Ramadan has approached our houses, everyone would be in glee and busy in prayers and recitation. While engaging ourselves thus we cannot ignore our family yearnings of having something great while breaking the fast. Especially after spending hours without food, the children would be awaiting the moment when delicious and eye catching foods are placed before them. Do not stress yourself now. We are here with a set of foods that would be perfect for Ifthar and bring smiles on the faces of your family members. We have chosen seven set of foods from our blog which is perfect for Ramadan. Click the link below each of the picture to note down the recipes. Do let us know how it went.

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Mixed Fruit Juice

Juice is a must for Ifthar to quench our thirst and hydrate ourselves after fasting. This Mixed fruit juice is a refreshing beverage which is too easy to prepare at home. The fruits used in the juice along with whipping cream and condensed milk will leave you yearning for it. Click the link below to find out the recipe.

Link: Mixed Fruit Juice

Crispy KFC style Chizza

Crispy KFC Chizza would be a treat in Ramadan. Along with the yummy toppings and fine ingredients you could make it by yourself at home. You would yourself taste the crispiness in it with the addition of cornflakes. We also have mentioned the method of making a buttermilk at home in the post. Do not squander your time, click the link below and try it out yourself.

Link: Crispy KFC Chizza

Delicious Submarine Buns

Here is another restaurant style recipe. There are many submarine bun admirers among us and in a more healthy way you could make the bun and present it on the Ifthar table. The recipe is of how to make the Submarine buns you can find the chicken stuffing video in our Youtube channel FLAVOURSOME. If you want the recipe in our blog, comment down below.

Link: Delicious Submarine Buns

4. Bread Quiche

Bread Quiche is your savior if you are too busy to prepare a Chizza or Submarine. The Bread Quiche/Bread Toast Cups with minimal ingredients would not consume your time and would be flavoursome at the same time. You could turn your normal bread into colourful cups this Ramadan.

Link: Bread Quiche/Bread Toast Cups

Chicken Shawarma

This Egyptian Pita bread stuffed with chicken is a handful of savoury roll which will leave you satisying. The sauces and fillings in it are a gift for our hungry day. This is one of the most recommended dish for Ramadan by us. Click the link to find out the recipe.

Link: Chicken Shawarma

Medu Vada/Ulundu Vadai

The Spicy South Indian food shaped donut is a must dish in India on Ramadan. The fried Vada could be consumed both with Sambar and Chutney. Method of making Urad dal/Ulundu batter used in the Vada is mentioned in the post. If you would like to have the recipe of the Chutney in the picture above along with Sambar, comment down below.

Link: Medu Vada/Ulundu Vadai

Easy Strawberry Kulfi

When summer comes along with Ramadan, the thirst is sure to be doubled and when the time comes to break the fast, you would have to have something on the table which would refresh you. This Easy Indian Strawberry Kulfi could do the trick. Note the recipe down and let us know the result.

Link: Easy Strawberry Kulfi

Thanks for reading! Bookish Refreshment would be back with another post soon…

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