Chocolate Banana Milkshake

The Holy month of Ramadan has approached again! Just as in any year of Ramadan, juices and Milkshakes will be much needed at the time of breaking the fast. The rich, creamy texture of the Milkshakes does not ever fail to quench the thirst. When Milkshakes is considered, chocolate is the flavour which captivates the mind. Here we are with a creamy Chocolate Banana Milkshake which will be a better option to start the Happy and Blessed month of Ramadan.

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What ingredient is excluded in this Milkshake ?

We have skipped ice cream in the Milkshake but if you are an ice cream person, you can add a scoop or two of Vanilla or Chocolate ice cream to the Milkshake. The chocolate essence, Milk and the double boiled chocolate used in this recipe will not ever let you miss the absence of ice cream.

How to make a Milkshake without a blender?

A Milkshake without a blender can be done in just few minutes. It is not so hard as it sounds to be. If you are using an ice cream in the Milkshake, whisk the milk and ice cream well and pour in the remaining ingredients and mix them well. Milkshake without a blender will be ready to serve!

Fruits to use in a Milkshake…

You can choose any fruit which you desire, but here are some options which we think will taste well in a Milkshake. As bananas are always a ready option for any of the dessert, smoothie or drinks to make it healthy the first option would be bananas. Berries, Mangoes, Apples and Pineapples will also be great for a Milkshake.

How to Double boil a chocolate?

Fill a water in a bowl and place it on the stove in low heat. Take another bowl which will is a bit small in size from the previous one and wipe it well. A drop of water should not be visible in the bowl or the chocolate will not be able to melt. Wipe the small bowl and put the pieces of chocolates in it. Place the small bowl on top of the bowl which is on the stove and stir the chocolate to melt it well


Double boiled chocolate- 200g

Vanilla essence- 1tbsp

Milk- 2 cups



Yoghurt- 2 small cups



Add a banana, double boiled chocolate, yoghurt, sugar, Milk to a blender and blend well.


Pour some vanilla essence and blend well.

Step 3

Pour the chocolate banana milkshake into the serving glasses and garnish with slices of bananas.

Chocolate Banana Milkshake is ready!

Find out the video in our Youtube Channel,


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