Carrot Milkshake Recipe

Here we are with another Milkshake for Ramadan!

As the vegetable carrot is included in the Milkshake, the readers might be confused of trying it or not. But we assure that this Carrot Milkshake is worth trying, especially for Ramadan. The drink will also be the best on a hot summer day. The Milk and the other ingredients would not allow you to believe that you are having a carrot milkshake. We have mentioned below the key methods of how to not taste the carrot in the Milkshake. Scroll down to find them out.

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Extra ingredient for the Milkshake…

Another ingredient to double the taste of the carrot milkshake is none other than the condensed milk. As condensed milk is the star ingredient of every sweet beverages and desserts, the ingredient will help you to make your carrot milkshake delectable.

How to use the carrots in the Milkshake?

The slices of carrots should be boiled well for the milkshake before using it in the blender. If you want a healthier Milkshake you can use the slices of carrot without boiling but the boiled carrot slices will not let you allow to taste the carrot in the Milkshake.

Ingredients to enhance the taste of the Milkshake…

Cardamom powder are always the gamechanger of a recipe as it entrances the consumers with its smell. By using the cardamom powder in the Carrot Milkshake, you will not be able to smell the carrots in the Milkshake. The vanilla essence and the cardamom powder will confuse the consumers of the Milkshake which they are drinking.


Carrot- 250g

Milk- 3 cups

Sugar- 1/4 cup

Cardamom powder- 1/2tsp

Vanilla essence- 1tbsp



Add 250g of carrot to a blender and pour a little amount of milk from 3 cups and blend well.


Add sugar, cardamom powder to the blended shake and pour the remaining milk.


Pour the vanilla essence to the blender and blend well to get rid of the pieces of the carrot and cardamom powder.


Put some ice cubes to the serving glasses and pour the carrot milkshake to it.

-Carrot Milkshake is ready!-

Find out the video in our Youtube Channel,


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  1. This looks delicious. I’m definitely giving this a try

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    1. Thank you! We would like to know how it went!


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