Lassi Recipe

Lassi is a drink which usually comes to the mind when you think of a refreshment. The Punjabi, Indian drink is just made with four or five ingredients and is famous throughout the world for its tangy, sweet and salty flavours. Being the flavoursome drink as it is, Lassi also dehydrates the body and helps to ease the digestion. You can also add rose petals and dry fruits to add beauty to your Lassi. Scroll down to find out the recipe.

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Famous flavours of Lassi…

As the classic Lassi refreshes the people who consumes it, Lassi is also famous for its different flavours. Here are some famous flavours which will blend with the Lassi well and will not only refresh you but make you want more. If you want any of them in your classic Lassi, add the fruit or ingredient to the recipe below and blend it with the other ingredients.

Mango Lassi

Strawberry Lassi

Chocolate Lassi

How to make the sweet Lassi into salty…

Salty Lassi which is also regarded as Namkeen Lassi is just easy to make as the classic one below. What you have to do is to skip the two ingredients which we have mentioned below and replace it with an extra ingredient. To make the sweet Lassi into Namkeen, skip the sugar and rose essence and replace it with cumin powder (Jeera powder) as we have already mentioned salt below.

How to make Lassi without a blender?

If you want to make the Lassi at home without a blender, what you all want is a whisk. The Curd and the milk should be whisked well before you add the other ingredients and mix them.


Curd- 3cups

Milk- 4 cups

Salt- 1/4tsp

Sugar/Sugar syrup- 1/4 cup (Amount for the sweetness needed)

Rose essence- 1/4tsp

Ice cubes



Add curd and milk to a blender and blend well


Add the ice cubes, salt, rose essence and some sugar to the blender and blend again


Pour the Lassi to the serving glasses and enjoy!

-Cold Lassi is ready!-


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