Review on Compassion

Compassion isn’t just about treating people well. It’s also about how we interact with other forms of life and nature as a whole.

Compassion, Dani DiPirro

Novel: Compassion

Published in: 2018

Genre: Self Help

Blurb behind the cover:

Packed with insightful quotes, thought-provoking reflections nd empowering affirmations designs to make you think about compassion in new ways, this uplifting little book provided bite-sized inspiration for you to fill every day with more love, understanding, kindness and contentment.

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The book compassion written by Dani DiPirro is a self help book which relates about different types of compassion. The book enlightens the readers about Self Love (Compassion for oneself), Compassion for others, details about Wisdom, Patience and many others. The author guides the readers on the way to show compassion in different ways, the way to handle criticism from a person who has a heart to help, the way to be kind, the way to accept flaws and the way to be wise are clearly explained in the book.

The mini book about compassion though small in size is full of beneficial details. The book contains bite sized information, quotes and other motivational quotes by different people of compassion. There also useful affirmations which will inspire the readers and take another step towards compassion. The book is easy to read and is written in captivating pages. The author has ended the book by giving tips to the readers on the way to be compassionate at different places.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

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