Review on The Long Walk

We were striding into the burning wastes of the Gobi waterless and with little food. None of us then knew the hell we were to meet.

The Long Walk, Slavomir Rawicz

Novel: The Long Walk

Published in: 1956

Genre: Biography/Autobiography/Non Fiction

Author: Slavomir Rawicz

Blurb behind the cover:

Slavomir Rawicz was a young Polish cavalry officer. On 19 November 1939 he was arrested by the Russians and, after brutal interrogation and a farce of a trial, he was sentenced to 25 years hard labour in the Gulags. After a three month journey to Siberia in the depths of winter he escaped with six companions, realizing that to stay in the camp meant almost certain death. In June 1941 they crossed the trans-Siberian railway and headed south, climbing into Tibet and, finally, freedom nine months later in March 1942 aster travelling on foot through some of the harshest regions in the world, including the Gobi Dessert.

This is one of the world’s greatest true stories of adventure, survival and escape.

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The Long Walk, The true story of a trek to freedom by Slavomir Rawicz is based on the real life story of the author and is also considered as a non fiction. The book narrates the story of the author when he escaped the prison in the Gulags. The author was not alone in his escape but with six other companions named Mr. Smith, Kolemenos, Zaro, Makowski, Marchinkovas and Paluchowicz who will be joined by Kristina on their way to freedom. The book reveals the struggles of the author and his companions on their journey through the Gobi dessert, Tibet and the Himalayas to British India.

The little army faced the struggles hand in hand with hard team work and unity. They assisted each other in every struggles and grieved for each other on their deaths. Their travel through foot was too dangerous that they had to face many struggles on their way. The little group was wretched when their two companions died in Gobi and two companions died in Himalayas but they did not loose their braveness, hard work and strength. The little team faced many troubles in the Gobi dessert as well. As unprepared they were unknowing the danger ahead, they survived in the dessert without and food and drink that they had to take the help of snakes and muddy water. All the trauma led them to a hospital in Calcutta when they reached India. The only advantage on the travel was meeting new people.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

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