Milk Soda Recipe

Milk soda is the exact drink on a summer day to refresh yourself. Milk soda is mainly prepared using Milk and Soda which will be a great mixture to have on a hot day. The refreshing drink is originated in countries like India and Pakistan and is mainly consumed in Ramadan. You can add a different flavor, if you are not a fan of rose syrup. All the details are mentioned below. Scroll down to find them out.

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Any other flavors for Milk Soda?

The flavour mentioned in the post is the rose syrup/Rooh Afza as the Milk Soda is mainly conusmed in Ramadan the most suitable flavor would be the rose syrup but if you are not a fan of rose syrup, Chocolate Syrup or a plain milk soda without any flavors will work.

A health benefit of Milk Soda…

Half of the soda and half of the milk in the drink helps you from a heavy or bloated feeling and provides a good deal of vitamins.


Soda- 300 or 500ml

Milk- 1cup

Rose syrup- 1/2cup

Kasa Kasa- 5tbsp (Soaked in water)

Sugar- 5tbsp



Pour milk and sugar to a blender and blend well.


Pour 300 or 500ml of soda. Add half a cup of rose syrup to the blender and blend again.


Pour the Milk Soda to a glass and put the soaked kasa kasa in the milks soda.

-Milk Soda is ready!-

Find out the video in our Youtube Channel,



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