Review on I Let You Fall

How delicately our lives hang in the balance, ready to be snatched from us at any moment

I let you fall, Sarah Downing

Novel: I let you fall

Published in: 2022

Genre: Fiction, Fantasy

Author: Sarah Downing

Publisher: TCK Publishing


A young teacher named Eve Chapman finds her body lying on the hospital bed surrounded with machines. She could look at her lifeless body, the people around her and hear them as well. The young lady Eve neither could feel them nor could the people listen to her. Eve then finds out the bitter truth that she is in a coma after her fall. Eve struggled and worried every time her parents visits her. As days pass by Eve meets Luca a coma patient just as her and finds out that she was not alone. The young lady also finds out that she has special powers as a coma patient that she can use in the new world that she is in. While she starts her new life in the new world, Eve starts to think that is her old life worth returning back?

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The Fantasy Fiction, I let you fall by Sarah Downing is a book to enjoy throughout reading. It has a good storyline and will keep you engaged throughout the chapters. The author had added interesting cliffhangers in the chapters and will take the readers into the fantasy world of the book with the characters. The story teaches how to embrace the good and bad in life. It also teaches that helping others should be a priority in life. As helping would save many lives. The book will explain the struggles of a coma patient and the support which should be given to them in their struggle.

The characters are well planned in the novel by the author. Characters like Eva, Luca, Rob, Sarah, Will and George will be examples for the people who are reading. Their trust, strength and willpower will be motivational to the readers. Characters like Rob, Sarah and the parents of Eve will be an example to strong parents who are facing their struggles. Each characters were connected to each other in different ways. The special power Eva and Luca had as coma patients made the story interesting.

I would like to thank Maria Inot of TCK publishing for approaching us for review. We enjoyed the book throughout and recommend it to the readers as well.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed this one! Great review.

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