How to make Hummus?

The appetizing and unique dish is a dip from Middle Eastern. The smooth and creamy Hummus is just made from a handful of ingredients like chickpeas, Tahini and Lemon. We have included the ingredients below. Hummus can be found in bottles in stores and is also a famous dish around the world. The tasty dip can be served with Tortilla chips, Pita chips or bread, Naan roti and flatbreads. You can make Hummus by yourself at home with just four steps. Scroll down to find out the recipe.

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How to make Tahini Sauce?

The chief and only ingredient used in the Tahini sauce is sesame seeds. The sauce was found in Middle Eastern country and is also used for many special cuisines such as Hummus, Salads and Falafel. There are different ways to make Tahini sauce. A simple way is to just blend the sesame seeds well until it turns smooth and saucy. You can also toast the sesame seeds before blending it. The Hummus can also be prepared by blending oil, salt and sesame seeds.

How to prepare the chickpeas?

The chickpeas are the main ingredients in the Hummus. A hummus would be incomplete without them. The highly protein pea is also a most important ingredient in Middle Eastern countries. The chickpeas can be boiled into a dhal, used in hummus, soups, falafel and in chana masala. But how can the chickpeas be used in a hummus?

The method is simple! Soak the chickpeas in water for 10 hours. After the chickpeas are soaked boil them with salt. Peel off the skin after the chickpeas are boiled.

Ideas for Hummus toppings…

The toppings on a Hummus can enhance the flavour of the Hummus. The topping which we have used in the recipe is sauteed onions. The small onions are sauteed with curry leaves and oil. We also have used red chilli powder as a topping. Greek yoghurt and herb oil would also be a better topping for the Hummus.



Olive oil-2tbsp

Ice cubes or Ice water for the consistency

Chickpeas- 200g

Sauteed onions


Tahini sauce- 5tbsp

Garlic- 1 clove



Add chickpeas, garlic and lemon juice to a blender. Put some salt, pour 5tbsp of tahini sauce, olive oil and ice cubes.


Pour more ice water or ice cubes for a softer consistency of the Hummus and blend all the ingredients well.


In a separate bowl, sauté small onions, curry leaves and oil.


When the Hummus is ready, pour the sauteed onion on top of it. Sprinkle some red chilli powder on top pf it!

-Hummus is ready to serve!-

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