Review on Three Act Tragedy

“A person who had killed three times wouldn’t hesitate to kill again…. They were in danger,”

Three Act Tragedy, Agatha Christie

Novel: Three Act Tragedy

Published in: 1934

Genre: Mystery, Fiction

Author: Agatha Christie

Publisher: Dodd, Mead & Co.


The story starts in Cornwall (The home of Sir Charles Cartwright) who is a famous stage actor. Sir Charles hosts a party at his home to which his friends were present. A sudden death of Cartwright’s friends Mr. Babbington occurs after he consumes cocktail in the party which later gets confirmed that the cocktail which Mr. Babbington drank was poisoned though there was no trace of poison in the glass.

After some days, Poirot who is in Monte Carlo gets aware of another murder by the same nicotine poisoning of Dr Bartholomew Strange through Cartwright and Mr. Satterwhaite (Cartwright’s friend). The guests were the same who were present in the party of Cornwall. Poirot along with Mr. Satterwhaite and Cartwright returns to England to investigate the murder. While investigating Poirot finds that the butler of Dr Strange along with his temporary replacement named Ellis were missing. They find blackmailing letters from Ellis in his room. Poirot then hosts a party to exemplify how the poisoned glass was exchanged by the murder. A letter from Mrs De Rushbridger is received to Poirot who gets murdered before Poirot and Satterwhaite reaches her. The story turns interesting when Poirot follows Miss Milray (Housekeeper of Charles Cartwright) to Cornwall.

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I was into Mystery books lately. When it comes to the Mystery genre, I always choose Agatha Christie as she is the best option for it. Recently, I got my hands on Agatha Christie’s Three Act Tragedy and finished it few days before.

The book is filled with secrets, riddles and unsolved problems as usual. Characters like Sir Charles, Mr. Satterwhaite and Miss Egg Lytton Gore added different flavors to the story. The concept of nicotine poisoning in the glass of cocktail without any trace of poisoning was interesting to solve. Due to the ploy and ruse in the story it would not be an easy task to have an idea of who the murder is. If the readers think just as Agatha Christie it would not be an impossible task.

The only thing that was lacking is the presence of the detective Poirot whom all the readers look up into Agatha Christie’s book. The book might be more interesting when Hercule Poirot was included from the start of the story and given the major role to play. The end of the story would give goosebumps to the readers and the last two sentences of the book are much admired by the reviewers in the blogs.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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