How To Make Jaggery Agar Agar Cubes

We’ve all tried various dishes from jaggery and hats off jaggery, being one of the star ingredient in Sri Lanka has never disappointed any of its dishes. Jaggey Agar Agar is one of them as well. It’s a life savior for everyone on a summer day. The handful of ingredients with the time it makes to take this dish is splendid. And if you have the organic and natural jaggery at hand, there is no doubt of your winning dish.

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Can you skip any main ingredient?

Yes, you can! You can skip the coconut milk. The dish would not be two layered/coloured and the taste would be slightly different. But, it would be formed as a different dish and would be tasty and vegan as the dish we have posted now. The method of the Jaggery Agar Agar Cubes #2 would be mentioned below.

How to Make Jaggery Agar Agar Cubes without coconut milk?

All you need is a handful of ingredients. Grab 10g of Agar Agar, 1600ml of water, 1tbsp of vanilla essence and 250g of jaggery. Skip the part of the coconut milk and follow the method we have mentioned below.

About Kosgolla Estate Jaggery:

The jaggery used in the dish is organic and 100% natural. No sugar is added and traceable to source. As there is no sugar added to the jaggery, the dish Jaggery Agar Agar cubes are suitable for diabetes patients. The link of the jaggery is mentioned at the end of the post.


Agar Agar 10g

Coconut milk- 850ml


Kosgolla estate jaggery- 250g

Vanilla essence- 1tbsp



Boil the Agar Agar in 5ooml of water and leave it to melt. Add 250g of jaggery to it and mix well. (If more sweetness is required add more jaggery)


Pour coconut milk (1st extract) and vanilla essence to the Agar Agar and mix well.


Strain the Jaggery Agar Agar to a dish or bowl. Draw designs on top using white food colouring or coconut milk (1st extract) and leave the Jaggery Agar Agar to set.

Jaggery Link- Kosgolla estate

Link of our Youtube channel is mentioned below, you can find the video in our Youtube channel FLAVOURSOME.


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  1. Ooo, this looks awesome! I’d never skip the coconut milk. It makes this sound twice as delicious! 😋

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