Filter Coffee Recipe

What else is needed than a hot mug of coffee by your side during the Monsoon? The Filter Coffee is such a treat that its flavour and aroma will just lit up your tea table and will make you enjoy the rain more! It’s easy to make and is also prepared using the ingredients which we use in a normal coffee. What makes the coffee unique is the filter coffee maker (Coffee decoction machine). Scroll down to make your tea time more interesting!

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What coffee powder suits the best for the recipe?

A filter coffee powder is chosen by the quality of the ground coffee. There are many filter coffee powder in stores. Leo coffee Madras Blend, Cothas coffee and continental Malgudi Filter coffee will taste well. We have used Cothas coffee powder in this recipe.

How many hours should you keep the coffee to brew?

You can brew the coffee for 10 to 12mins but if you need a stronger taste in the filter coffee, let it brew for two to three hours. The image of the Filter coffee machine (Decoction machine) is present in our Youtube channel. You can scroll down and click the video below.

How to make foam in the filter coffee?

To make foam in the filter coffee, lift the boiled milk and pour it in the cup in which you are going to mix the coffee. After the coffee is mixed, lift the prepared coffee a little higher infront of the empty cup in which you are going to drink. Watch the video in our Youtube channel for more details.


Coffee powder 2tbsp

Hot water 4tbsp

Milk 500ml




Put the coffee powder in the filter coffee maker (Coffee decoction machine) and level it.


Pour the hot water in it and close the lid for 10mins to brew.


Boil 500ml of milk with sugar and mix the brewed coffee with the milk.


Add some foam of the coffee on top and drizzle some brewed coffee for the design.

The South Indian Filter Coffee is ready!

Find out the video in our Youtube channel,


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